Plant based patisserie 

without compromise

on sustainability

We are plant based for many reason but our main goal is to make this planet a little bit better and do our bit against climate change. 

  • Our pastries are packaged in entirely recyclable boxes 

  • We reduce our single plastic use to a minimum 

  • We create our products baring food waste in mind, our cinnamon rolls are made with the offcuts of our croissant dough which would otherwise be wasted, our almond croissants are made with unsold croissants or the ones that come our looking a little bit unique and cannot be sold. 

  • We train our team on waste and recycling to make sure everything in our factories is disposed off in the best way 

  • We minimise small deliveries and organise drop off as efficiently as possible to save on carbon emissions

Overall we constantly strive to do our best and improve our production to be kinder to the planet.​

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Our founder


Clarisse Flon is a specialist Vegan Patisserie chef. 

She grew up in France where everything was always cooked from scratch and developed a passion for food very early on. She turned to veganism in 2012 after battling a chronic digestive illness for years. 


Trained in classic french patisserie she worked in many fine dining establishments around the world including Hotel Cheval Blanc in Sty Barths FWI, Hotel Cafe Royal in London, Aubaine restaurants and many more, while developing plant based versions of her traditional recipes in the mean time. 


“The road to vegan patisserie was long and bumpy, as hard as it was learning to make macarons, puff pastry, crème pâtissière, brioches etc ...the first time, making them without their main ingredients was a million times harder. French pâtisserie focuses on highlighting and enhancing one ingredient or flavour and working on finding the right pairing of textures and tastes to let the raw material shine. It’s so much more than satisfying a sweet craving.”


She launched The Sunny Spoon in 2013 at the age of 20,  a fully vegan french patisserie selling wholesale to multiple establishments around London. 

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