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My name is Clarisse, I was born in a little town in the Hautes Alps in France called Veynes. 

I grew up surrounded by nature, mountains and sunshine. Most importantly I grew up with food at the heart of everything. 


Three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner my parents, three sisters and I sat around the table and shared food made from scratch. 

Still to this day, I have never seen a ready meal in my parents kitchen. As soon as I could stand I would climb on a tall stool next to the cooker and "help" (in the very efficient way a 5 year old convince themselves they are) my mum, dad or sisters cook something special. 

I remember baking apple and yogurt cakes with my sisters made from the apples growing in our garden, which used to be an orchard before my dad built our house, licking the wooden spoon when my mum made vanilla creme patissiere to fill chou pastries for our Sunday desserts or making jam roulade cake with my dad (with homemade jam of course).

Food was my obsession and by the age of seven, I would organise 4 course dinners for my family, complete with a handwritten menu which all ran inevitably an hour or two later than planned as I arranged dozens of preparations and did my best to plate food as if we were in a 5 star restaurant. 

Despite how passionate I was about cooking it took me a while to find my path and decide what I wanted to do. By then it was already too late to enrol in the national patisserie apprenticeship in France, so I decided to shoot off to London and start working there! 

I was lucky enough to find a position in Patisserie in a French restaurant where they taught me everything I needed to know, I studied very hard on the side and practiced in all my spare time so I could get the national pastry accreditation while distance learning and without the apprenticeship and courses. 

After getting my CAP certificate I wanted to learn everything I could in kitchens and worked in loads of different environments. I worked as a brunch chef in pubs, served caviar in Hotel Cafe Royal, created patisseries for celebrities and billionaire in St Barts, launched a restaurant from scratch in a London hotel, headed a team in a vegan restaurant in Chelsea and so much more. 

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From the beginning of my career tough I had started practising with vegan alternatives. 

At the time there was nothing available in shops or restaurants and I wanted to recreated my French childhood classics as plant based versions. 

It took me a lot of practice, work and failed cakes before any of my creations reached the standard I set for myself. 

But soon I was building a portfolio of recipes and techniques and filling up the kitchen of my flat-share with millefeuilles, madeleines, tarts and more.


That's when I decided to start selling my products.


It started on a little stall in Bricklane market back in 2013 and took many different shapes since then, from wholesale supplier to online shop passing by stands at festivals the Sunny Spoon has grown and evolved with me but its community has followed me every step of the way via social media.


I feel very lucky to be supported by such loyal and lovely people who are now very engaged with my content and current projects. 

I have always been passionate about food photography and video and have been the sole creator behind The Sunny Spoon pages.

I am now putting my years of experience to use for other brands, creating recipes and social media content and sharing it with my community.

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